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Ann Neice, Walton, waits for her ride at the front of Walmart.  The exterior will also get a facelift. 
Oneonta’s Eric Adams works in the new electronics cash-register island, which has been redone in a light-wood motif, as have counters throughout Oneonta’s Walmart.

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Lady of FINLAND & They Do Adore Photographer At Tampere’s Vapriikki Museum, 2011
Lady and her Fly Creek pal and neighbor, Barbara Lyon.

Barbara Lyon for
“A Lady of Style” has more than 100 of Lady’s gowns on display, accompanied by 16- by 20-inch images of her portraits.
The portrait of Cooperstown’s Julie Barnes is among those at the Vapriikki.
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DARNING UP THE GAPS IN OUR SOCIAL HISTORY: Women Always Fashion Conscious, SUNY Prof Finds, 2011
These illustrations, including ads for early sewing machines and an “old clothes man” – an early roving haberdasher, lower right – from SUNY Oneonta Assistant Professor Damayanthie Eluwawalage’s research for “History of Costume in the State of New York, 1600-1900s.”

Foothills Wedding Expo, 2011

Taken By: Jim Kelvin
Craig Wander of We Do Fondue shows mom Wendy Loitsch, Gilbertsville, and bride-to-be Ashley Loitsch how to partake of a chocolate fountain.

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For More Photos visit our Facebook Page's albums -- Hometown Oneonta