Thursday, May 19, 2011


Milford’s Bob Harrington smartly drives Tim and Tom at the 18th annual Plow Days Saturday-Sunday, May 7-8, at Don and Donna Decker’s Deckerdale Farm in South Hartwick.   The Deckers organized what Donna calls “The No-Name Gang” almost two decades ago.  “I’m the only boss they’ve got,” she said, referring to the draft-horse aficionados that gather annually.  “No president.  No money.”  A harvest weekend is planned at the end of September.  Don Decker’s father, Mortimer, was one of the last farmers in that area to stop farming with horses, in the late 1950s.  Their sons, Don Jr., David and Dennis, aren’t farmers, but in the next few days planned to help their parents, using the horses, plant 350 pounds of potatoes.

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