Thursday, January 20, 2011


► “Frida  Kahlo: Through the Lens of  Nickolas Muray”
April 1–Sept. 5
“Endlessly fascinating” describes renowned Mexican artist Frida  Kahlo, a 20th-Century Mona Lisa whose enigmatic face means  something different to everyone.  
► “Shadow Catcher: Edward Curtis Among the Kwakiutl”
April 1–Dec. 31 
Photographs from 20 years documenting 80 American Indian  tribes. 
 ► “A Window Into Edward Hopper”
May 28–Sept. 11
This coincides with the Glimmerglass Festival’s “Later the Same Evening,” an opera based on  Hopper’s paintings. 
► “Prendergast to  Pollock:  American Modernism from the Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute”
May 28-Sept. 15
Key works from every major artist from the first half of the 20th century.  
► “Unfolding Stories: Culture and Tradition in American Quilts”
Sept. 24–Dec. 31
Quilts from the collection not seen for a decade.
► “Inspired Traditions:  The Jane Katcher Collection of American Folk Art”
Oct. 1–Dec. 31
First major showcasing of one of the  most prominent private folk art  collections in America.
► “Highlights from the Thaw Collection of American Indian Art”
April 1–May 8, and Oct. 1– Dec. 31 
 ► “Otsego Lake Landscapes”
April 1–Dec. 31

This may be the year to join NYSHA.  Memberships, will include unlimited admission and discounts, begin at $50 for individuals and $80 for families.
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