Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Carnival Event Results

Here are contest winners at the 2011 Cooperstown Winter Carnival on the theme, “Sun, Surf & Snow.”

Raffle Prize Winners
1st Prize: Glenn Lane
2nd Prize: Steven Purdy
3rd Prize: Connie Mattice
4th Prize: Lorna Wilhelm

tropical Paradise Parade
1st Prize: Cooperstown Girl Scouts/Cub Scouts
2nd Prize: Cooperstown Graduate Program
3rd Prize: Susquehanna SPCA

Waikiki Watermelon-
Eating Contest
Youth: Ana Buchholz
Adult: Josh Karpoff

Island Indulgences
Dessert Lovers Contest
Audience Choice: Susan and Greg Roth
Best Youth: Maddie Curtis
Best Individual: Susan Carr
Best Restaurant: Doubleday Café

Aloha Means Goodbye
Chili Contest
Best Restaurant: Alex & Ika
Best Individual: David and Donna Borgstrom

Volcanic Blast
Chicken Wing Contest
Best Restaurant: Cooleys
Surf, Sun and Sand
Snow Sculpting Contest
Adult: Karl Dykstra
Youth: Rock Family
Business: Iverson Electric

Rip Tide Drink Contest
Audience Choice: Doubleday Café
Judges Choice: Vets Club

Cooperstown’s Got Talent
1st Place: Avery Aldridge
2nd Place: Mary Hage and Friends
3rd Place: The PC’s (Will Weldon and Peyton Carter)

Lip Sync Show
1st Place: Don Raddatz, Pat Dietz and The Court
2nd Place: Cooperstown Graduate Program (Andrea Cohen)
3rd Place: Diane Ducey

Surf’s Up Youth
and Adult Sled Races
8 and under: Isaac Greenblath
10 and under: William Freedman
12 and under: Annie Hage
15 and under: Jonny Hage
Adult: David Borgstrom
Overall Champion: David Borgstrom

Cheesecake Contest
1st Place: Sherry Wyckoff of Something Wonderful Catering
2nd Place: Myra Searles of Doubleday Cafe
3rd Place: Janet Faure

Smullens Run
10K Mens Champion: Mike Rutledge
10K Womens Champion: Nancy Potter
5K Mens Champion: Adam Melson
5K Womens Champion: Andrea Ulrich

Coloring Contest Winners
Ages 0-3 First Prize: Rose Crowson
Second Prize: Anthony McCoy, Kaleigh Davis,      Kellshya Roseboom, Devon Blush, Brighton Lance Logue and Layla Logue
Ages 4-7 First Prize:  Antonia Palmisano, Brooke Burrows
Second Prize: Vincienza Palmisano
Third Prize: Anna Greene
Ages 8-12 First Prize: Lucy Meehan
Second Prize:  Cate Nolan
Third Prize:  Gavin Lesko

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